Saturday, March 24, 2012

To Thai for.

15th Ave in Capitol Hill
9/10 on my bangin' scale
(Yes, that's right, I gave it a higher score than Thai Tom)

I haven't had a meal that has excited me this much since I last went to Tilth, which means a lot since it's my favorite restaurant in Seattle. I walked into Jamjuree hungry and a little sad. I left ecstatic.

We started off with some spring rolls. Crispy, not too exciting, except that they were (very) warm.

Then came the entree. I decided to go out on a limb and try something that I'd never tasted before. I got the Ba Mee Hang from the Specials menu:
Egg noodle with garlic-soy sauce, barbeque pork, spinach, ground peanut, onion, cilantro.
<$10. I seriously never realized Thai food could be this good. I'm used to Thai on the Ave, which relies a little too much on the overall deliciousness of greasy food.

Jamjuree's Ba Mee Hang definitely brought me to a new level in Thai food. The barbecue pork brought a sweetness, the spinach freshness and crispiness, the garlic soy and peanut a saltiness, the sauce was spicy ( I ordered 2 out of 4 spicy), and ... I always love me some egg noodles.

Oh, so good. I am definitely going back for this dish.

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