Sunday, January 16, 2011

Issian: Pre-movie eats.

Wallingford on 45th St. NE, in close proximity to the Guild theater.

(7.5/10 on my bangin' scale.)

It's Saturday night, and, like every couple in Wallingford, you somehow find yourself going to see the latest critically-acclaimed film at the Guild. You're hungry, and want to make a full date night of it.

One fun choice is Issian, one of the many Wallingford Japanese restaurants. This one specializes in small dishes. Japanese bar food. Noms.

Here's a tip: choose the 7pm showing of the movie, because then you can partake in Issian's happy hour. Every. day. of. the. week. 4.30 - 6.30. Small house sake $2.80, $1 chicken skewers (Yakitori and Yakiton), and $3 fried gyoza, among other options. If you happen to be with a group that wants sushi, you're in luck. They serve that, too.

Fried shumai and fried gyoza. FRIED > not fried.
 Another tip: Go with a small group, and sit at the bar. You get better service (the cooks serve you your dishes as soon as they're made!), and you get to choose what looks tastiest to you. That's how we chose the bacon wrapped asparagus skewers. These greasy beauties would have made Paula Deen proud.

Many a  meat skewer at Issian. Rightmost: Bacon-wrapped asparagus.

 And... if you get drunk enough on cheap sake, you might genuinely (as opposed to politely) laugh during the movie!

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