Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cafe Koinonia: "FroYo" Seattle-style.

Cafe Koinonia
41st St and Eastlake Ave, U-district.
(7/10 on my bangin' scale)

Perhaps best known for its slightly ambiguous "YOGURT SANDWICHES" signs and occasional Bible study meetings, Cafe Koinonia is a perfect example of what frozen yogurt should be.

Cafe Koinonia sign, photo courtesy of Google Maps.

As its signage insinuates, the cafe sells a variety of coffee, sandwiches, yogurt, and snacks. I can't say much for their other food (although I've been told they have unpretentious/reasonably priced sandwiches), but their yogurt is quite delicious.

Their two flavors of yogurt--Original and Husky (blueberry yogurt)--are surprisingly flavorful, as non-fat yogurt goes. The toppings, as usu, are where it's at. You prolly know the deal by now: fruit, candy, some nuts. But Cafe Koinonia's fruit is always super ripe and sweet and colorful. As the friendly owner/yogurt man assures me, "mango is good". Let me tell you, having grown up on discount fruits and vegetables (what? my dad is cheap), in general, mango may not be good. At Cafe Koinonia, it most definitely is.

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Laura said...

Their breakfast sandwiches are yummy, too. I usually get the egg, ham, and cheddar on an English muffin. Not too greasy, and they come with a pickle!