Saturday, April 25, 2009

Breakfast In Seattle III

Rusty Pelican Cafe
(6/10 on my bangin' scale)

In Wallingford, Seattle on 45th street. About 1 mile from my house.

While a rusty pelican may not sound appetizing, this brunch haunt brings in the masses, especially on Sunday mornings. Praise the Lord I was there on a Saturday, because nothing's worse than a wait when you're hungry.

The good:
While the food was not delicious, it was not gross either. They had a wide array of breakfast foods. The chocolate chip pancakes were chocolate-y, fluffy, and A-OK. The California Benedict (eggs benedict + tomato + avocado) were aiight, though they weren't quite pimp. Service was good. The real treat was the decor:

Welcome to granny's house, full of lace, fake ivy, silly sayings on the walls, and LOTS of Wizard of Oz memorabilia. (And if you were wondering, there is a framed photo of a pelican.)

The bad:
It was a bit pricey ($8.99 for the pancakes and $10 ish for the benedict) for its lack of culinary flair. Also, they were out of their famed cinnamon buns, much to the dismay of the 14-year-old girls sitting next to us.

Despite a warning otherwise, I'd say that this place was definitely better than McDonald's.

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