Thursday, October 24, 2013

Aladdin Gyrocery: Magical Gyros

Aladdin Gyrocery
The Ave & 42nd-ish
7/10 on my bangin' scale

Having lived or worked in the U-District for 5 years, I can say with confidence that the lamb gyro at Aladdin Gyrocery is among the U-District's best fare.

The gyro meat is deliciously spiced, and the yogurt sauce is quite tasty, too. They don't skimp on salad toppings (iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, red onion), either. A combo meal ($7.50) includes a gyro, a soda, and your choice of fries, rice, or salad. I usually choose the rice because the yellow rice is delish.

The falafel pita is also a decent bet, but not quite as good as the gyro.

Lamb Gyro Combo: Lamb Gyro, rice with yogurt sauce, and soda ($7.50)
Expect to wait several minutes for your order. They grill everything up after you order. At least this way everything always comes out super warm!

No need to ask a genie for a place to get a halfway decent meal in the U-District, just head over to Aladdin Gyrocery.

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