Saturday, December 3, 2011

MOD Pizza: The next generation of chain restaurants.

NE 42nd St & 15th Ave NE
6/10 on my bangin' scale

MOD Pizza has an awesome concept. Any personal-sized pizza is one price (~$7). Get in line, and add as many toppings as you want (like Subway). Give them your name, and it'll be ready in 5ish minutes (like Starbucks).

Now, a second awesome concept: happy hour (4? - 7pm) beer is crazy cheap here ($5/pitcher). They also often have $1 PBRs. When the weather's nice, you can throw these back while lounging at their outdoor tables. Oh, how summer in Seattle of you. And, for dessert, you can have the culinary masterpiece that is a ding-dong.

What more can you ask for? Oh, right. About the pizza. It's ok. I personally enjoy the Jasper (tomato sauce + mozzarella + sausage + mushrooms) with a few extra toppings depending on my mood (remember, no extra fee!!). It's not the best, but it's better than nothing. (Imagine there's no pizza. The horror.)

Mod Pizza's Jasper (sausage and mushroom) with added pineapple and green bell pepper.

One thing to note: You may want to watch out for their pesto pizzas, because sometimes the sauce is just glopped on top in pesto colonies. I'm all for the sauce being under the cheese, and also spread out... so, if you're like me, you might just stick to the tomato-based sauce.

MOD pizza. It's the perfect place to come after your IM softball game, when you're tired/hungry because you've run approx 200 feet in 1.25 hours.

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