Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Big Mario's

Big Mario's New York Style Pizza
8/10 on the bangin' scale
Capitol Hill

A New Yorker, a New Jerseyite, and a Tennessean walk into a pizzeria in Seattle. No, it's not the start of a cheesy joke, it's the start of a deliciously cheesy meal.

Big Mario's has had a lot of hype. You know, it's the only true NY style pizzeria in Seattle, blah blah blah. Howevah, we found it did live up to many of our expectations.

  1. NY-sized slices. (Big.)
  2. The pizza was medium thin, crispy, and not super greasy.
  3. They had a wide array of slices available  (maybe 6-8 different pies at 2:30pm on a Friday afternoon).
  4. They were playing 90s rap music.
  5. Full bar.
  6. Widescreen TVs for sports nerds.
  1. The interior seating area is small (although it's perfect for off-peak times), so be prepared to take your slice and run.
Feast on this pizza with your eyes:
A Big Mario slice of pepperoni, tomato, and basil.

A slice topped with artichoke and mushrooms.

Red bell pepper, ham, and ricotta (?)
Now go feast on it forrealzies. $3.75 for each of these slices, $2.75 for plain cheese.

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