Monday, March 15, 2010

Pair: Good for pairs.

(7/10 on my bangin' scale)

30th & 55th NE, right on the 30 bus line.

Very cute setting, pretty dece service, with kinda sexy-lighting at night. The food is quite good, and they also have some great wines (not that I tried any of the super expensive ones...) to be PAIRed with the food. OMGZ HOW PUNNY!!!!!! Their dishes are French/American "tapas"-style (aka small dishes at $7-$15 a piece, that you share). They suggest getting 2-3 per person. 3 per person would definitely be way too much, 2 is a big meal, provided that you get dessert at the end.

Dinner: The Cambozola fondue--served with pear slices, toasted bread (oh... wait "crostini"), and apple slices-- was tiny/cute and fun to eat. (Also, it was good, because it was CHEESE.) The wild salmon toasts (with shallots, capers, creme fraiche) and filet mignon were OK, but I'd definitely prefer getting a double order of their so-delicious-omg-i-want-it-right-now cassoulet (along with, maybe, a side of sauteed greens). Just to clarify, I want a double order because I'm a fatty, not because the plates are particularly small. Desserts are pretty good. Try some apple crispy pastry thing, or their creme brulee.

Kinda-sexy lighting: Cambozola Fondue by candlelight.
Happy Hour (5-6:30): Frequented mostly by early-bird retirees, this menu features bite-sized (but pack a huge taste) brisket sliders, mac-n-cheese, and cheesy poufs (they call them "gougeres") for $5 or under. Tasty McTasterson Sidecar Cocktails are the special drink (a brandy martini) at happy hour. Despite their yumminess, they're not too popular, so don't order too many, or they may run out! Glasses of house wine are $5 and pints of beer are $3.
Brisket Sliders: 3 for $5 at happy hour.

It's probably best to bring parents when they come to visit or a date; they only take reservations for big parties (6+), but don't appear to cater tooooo well to them. Or, maybe they just want to serve the people with the bucks.

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